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[ パンドラハーツ ] Pandora Hearts

let curiosity get the best of you

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♣ Posts should all be related to Pandora Hearts.
♠ Please lock ALL posts containing downloads or NSFW content(R18 material, ex. PORN).
LJ-cuts: Please keep spoilers, NSFW/adult content, huge images, and huge lengths of text under an LJ cut to be courteous to your fellow fans.
♥ Play nice! No bashing/hating of persons or characters etc. is tolerated.
♚ When sharing or asking for something, please try to check the tags or front pages first to see if someone has already posted what you are about to post. You won't get in trouble for repeating someone, but it's spam courtesy.
♛Have a question or need help? Just contact one of the mods, Asa+Eck+Sarah via PM.

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